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Stella Fong

Cool jazz weaves through the room as I sip a pretty cocktail with house made tinctures and infusions. As my back sinks into the soft leather seat, I study a menu with large clean print. A server comes by and gently places a basket of warm bread at the table. I smile inhaling the aroma of baked wheat and melting sweet butter. Then sizzle and fire flash into the room from the open kitchen. I am happy and become happier when I take my first bite of a summer tomato salad garnished with basil leaves on fresh Burrata.

Henry B. Syverun, Syverun Scrapbooks / Montana Historical Society

As the saying goes “…you are what you eat,” but what you eat can be history.

Two researchers will be in Sidney, Montana this Saturday to meet with residents in the hunt for clues into the history of Roosevelt and Richland counties through the food of that area.

Alan Turkus / Flickr

Playlist #1922 Sept. 7, 2018

“Blue Light Boogie”, Cozy Eggleston, Honkers And Barwalkers vol. 1, Delmark Records,

“Pigmeat Is What I Crave”, Bo Carter, Legends Of The Blues vol. 1 (various artists), Columbia/Legacy Records,

‘Salt Pork, West Virginia”, Louis Jordan, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Polygram Records

courtesy Danell Jones and Tim Lehman

On this episode of Resounds, Corby and Anna sit down with Billings authors Danell Jones and Tim Lehman to hear about their latest books. 

Peter Rivera / Flickr

Playlist #1921 Aug. 31, 2018

“Blue Light Boogie”, Cozy Eggleston, Honkers And Barwalkers vol. 1, Delmark Records,

“Don’t Start No Stuff”, Leroy Carr, The Best Of Leroy Carr, Columbia/ Legacy Records,

“Stuff You Gotta Watch”, Muddy Waters, The Chess Box, MCA/ Chess Records,

Cristina Valencia / Flickr

Playlist #1920 Aug. 24, 2018

“Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl”, Sonny Boy (I) Williamson, Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order vol. 1 1937-1938, Document Records,

“Dream Girl Blues”, T-Bone Walker, Plain Ole Blues, Charly Records

“Play On Little Girl”, T-Bone Walker T-Bone Blues, Charly Records

“Little Girl Don’t You Know”, T-Bone Walker, Bluesway Sessions, Charly Records

Penguin Random House Publishers

New York Times bestselling author Craig Johnson departs from the familiar Wyoming setting fans have come to expect. Instead he sends his ficticous Sheriff Walt Longmire to Mexico to rescue his daughter who was kidnapped by a villan from his previous book. 

courtesy Pete Tolton and Stan Parker

The center to any good story is the people in it. A film being produced by Stan Parker and Peter Tolton, focuses on the father-son duo of Jim Markel, Sr., and Jim Markel, Jr., as they travel through Vietnam to re-visit the places Jim Sr. was stationed during the Vietnam War.

As filmmakers, Parker and Tolton believe in the power of story to spread empathy and understanding. By giving audiences the chance to step outside their lives for even a moment, film presents opportunities for fresh perspective, thoughtful reflection, and personal discovery.

Through screenings in the community and the conversation to follow, this film will enrich viewers with a stronger understanding of the veteran experience and encourage dialogue among families and friends. This is strengthening communities with art that matters.

Richard / Flickr

Playlist #1919 Aug. 17, 2018

“I Want A Little Girl”, T-Bone Walker, The Natural Blues, Charly Records

“Glamour Girl”, T-Bone Walker, The Complete Imperial Recordings 1950-1954, EMI Records

“Party Girl”, T-Bone Walker, The Complete Imperial Recordings 1950-1954, EMI Records

“Playgirl”, Andy Santana, Watch Your Step, Delta Groove Music,

Stella Fong

When my husband and I discovered Mas Taco in Red Lodge, we were transported to a former life in San Diego. The food at this small taqueria created by Chef Michael Muirhead reproduces the fresh and flavorful cuisine found in small eateries north of the Mexican border in California. 

Chef Muirhead makes everything from scratch. Corn tortillas are hand pressed from masa dough with salsas chopped and assembled in house. “We do every taco to order, with tortillas hand pressed to order no matter how busy it is,” Muirhead shared.