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Frank Warren—often referred to as the most trusted stranger in America—has received more than a million secrets in the mail since 2004, when he started PostSecret, a community art project where people anonymously mail him their secrets on a postcard. At times hilarious and heartbreaking, the secrets reflect complex issues of intimacy, stigma, meaning, humor, and desire. 

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Thousands of people gathered at events across Montana Saturday to participate in this year’s Women’s March. Each event had its own organizers and theme.  

In Billings, the organizers issued this call to action, run for something. State Senator Jen Gross, one of the organizers, says that could be a run for elected office, run to the polls, or to run to a community organization and volunteer.

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A Flying Burger. A Bayou Wrap. Chicken Fried Steak. These good eats can be found in Billings for under $10. At King’s Hat, Muzzle Loader Café, and Rockets Gourmet Wraps and Sodas, food can be had for less than one Hamilton bill or ten Washingtons.  Like these recognizable and time-honored leaders on the face of our dollar bills, the three eateries are dining establishments in Montana’s Trailhead’s foodscape.  King’s Hat has been in the Billings for over 70 years while the Muzzle Loader Cafe for more than 60, and Rockets Gourmet Wraps and Sodas for close to two decades.

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Playlist #1840 Jan. 12, 2018

“Blue Light Boogie”, Cozy Eggleston, Honkers And Barwalkers vol. 1, Delmark Records,

“Midnight In A Madhouse”, Chick Webb And His Orchestra, Spinnin’ The Webb, GRP Records

“’Round Midnight”, Jeni Fleming Acoustic Trio, The Trinity Tour, Flick The Fly Productions,

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There are specific words, tactics and tools individuals can can use to diffuse racist or bigoted speech, says civil rights strategist and organizer Eric Ward, executive director of Western States Center

Ward is the featured guest at two Martin Luther King, Junior Events in Montana, sponsored by the Montana Human Rights Network. 

A large painting called Many Blessing greets visitors as they enter the  Ryniker-Morrison Gallery at Rocky Mountain College. The 7 to 8 foot canvas is a collaborative father/daughter effort and serves as the gateway of a new exhibit featuring Kevin and Sunny Sky Red Star.

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State Senator Jen Gross of Billings wants participants at this year's Women's March to leave the event with mission. She says the lack of a "call to action" was a missed opportunity at the inaugural gathering last year at the state Capitol in Helena. In conversation with YPR's Jackie Yamanaka, Gross says she wants to channel the energy and enthusiasm people have after the event into action for change.

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“blue Light Boogie”, Cozy Eggleston, Honkers And Barwalkers vol. 1, Delmark Records,

“What A Party”, Fats Domino, They Call Me The Fat Man The Legendary Imperial Recordings (box set), EMI Records,

“House Rockin’ Boogie #7”, Jason Elmore And Hoodoo Witch, Champagne Velvet, Dag Nab Music,

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“Soulful Dress”, Maria Muldaur, Steady Love, Stony Plain Records,

“Wang Dang Doodle”, Zora Young, The French Connection, Delmark Records,

“Party Train”, Lamont Cranston Band, Shakedown, Waterhouse Records,

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“Blue Light Boogie”, Cozy Eggleston, Honkers And Barwalkers vol. 1, Delmark Records,

“What Do Bad Girls Get?”, Joan Osborne, Christmas Means Love, Womanly Hips Records,