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Montana Legislature

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Capitol Connections
coverage of the 2015 Montana Legislature

Wednesdays at 6:30pm
hosted and produced by Jackie Yamanaka

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MT CapitolCapitol Connections is a weekly update from the 64th Montana Legislature, hosted and produced by YPR News Director Jackie Yamanaka.

Each week, legislators, elected officials, state officials, and others join Jackie to talk about key legislation and current issues before the Montana Legislature. Capitol Connections supplements Jackie's daily news coverage from the Capitol with additional depth, substance, and perspective through interviews and other audio from the floors of both houses, committee meetings, and anywhere else the business of the Legislature is conducted.

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Theme music for Capitol Connections uses a portion of the song "The Spock" by Alex Nauman Trio from the album Loud Lullabies

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Upcoming Programs

April 29
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 04.29.2015
Legislative leaders and the governor talk about the successes and failures of the past four-months.

Audio Archive

April 22
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 04.22.2015
Representative Steve Fitzpatrick, R-Great Falls, talks about why he carried the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Water Compact bill on the House Floor and he talks about the controversy surrounding SB 262.  Representative Bruce Meyers, R-Box Elder, is the only Republican on the 9-member Native American caucus. He talks about why he’s a Republican and his attempts to persuade members of the House Republican caucus to support the water compact.

April 15
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 04.15.2015
Representative Rob Cook, R-Conrad, talks about why he carried the Medicaid Expansion bill in the House…and two members of the Native American caucus – Senator Sharon Stewart-Peregoy, D-Crow Agency and Representative Bridget Smith, D-Wolf Point -  talk about how their issues have faired this session. 

April 8
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 04.08.2015
Beginning Thursday the Senate is scheduled to debate the state’s main budget bill – House Bill 2. The state budget director has had harsh words for the work of the House Appropriations Committee.  Chair Nancy Ballance responds.  Also Senator Nels Swandal – a former state District Judge and County Attorney - talks about the experience of going from an interpreter and enforcer of the law to a lawmaker.

April 1
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 04.01.2015
The debate on a bill to reveal who's donating money in Montana political campaign and the sponsor of the Senate Bill 289 - Senator Duane Ankey - talks about his "dark money" bill.

March 25
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 03.25.2015
Senator Ed Buttrey talks about his bill to expand Medicaid coverage in Montana. Also, Representatives Zach Brown and Bill Harris talk about their bills to help students saddled with college debt. 

March 18
mp3 chicklet Capitol Connections 03.18.2015
Washington state lawmakers announced they want to study the effects of closing the southeastern Montana coal-fired power plants that provide their electricity. Initially the bill was written to make it easier for the owners to shut down the plants, but Washington's lawmakers changed their mind last week after Senator Duane Ankney, R-Colstrip, says doing that comes at a cost. He’s the sponsor of Senate Bill 402. And Representatives Dale Mortensen, R-Billings, and Don Jones, R-Billings, talk about their bill to create a satellite state Crime Lab in Billings, House Bill 512.

February 25
mp3 chicklet Capitol Connections 02.25.2015
Governor Steve Bullock talks about the Republican proposal to cut taxes (HB 166) and fund infrastructure, including HB 402, SB 353, and SB 354. Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen discusses his bill to fund infrastructure in Eastern Montana (HB 402).

February 18
mp3 chicklet Capitol Connections 02.18.2015
Coming up on Capitol Connections:  a package of 5 bills is working its way through the Legislature to address the mental health crisis in Montana. Representative Ron Ehli discusses the intent of these bills.  Then, Representative Art Wittich talks about the GOP’s alternative to Medicaid expansion. Capitol Connections:  Wednesday evening at 6:30. 

Big Sky Health

DOCUMENT: Big Sky Health - Combo Bills & Talkers

February 11
mp3 chicklet Capitol Connections 02.11.2015
Republican Representative Christy Clark is working to save her hospital in Choteau. She talks about the pressure she’s facing from Americans for Prosperity Montana, a conservative lobbying group, over the debate on Medicaid expansion. Then Susan Byorth Fox talks about the Shuttle that’s alleviating parking around the Capitol and makes it easier for the public to observe and testify.

mp3 chickletYPR will maintain a complete archive of What's Happening in Helena, available as on-demand, streaming audio as MP3 files encoded at 96kbps.

February 4
mp3 chicklet Capitol Connections 02.04.2015
Rep. Kim Dudik (D-Missoula) talks about revising human trafficking laws and Sen. Diane Sands (D-Missoula) discusses her pay equity bill.

January 28
mp3 chicklet Capitol Connections 01.28.2015
Senator Bruce Tutvedt (R-Kalispell), Chairman of the Senate Taxation Committee, discusses why he thinks it's important that lawmakers adopt revenue estimates. Also, Representative Tom Jacobson (D-Great Falls) talks about why he thinks Montana voters should decide if we create an oil and gas trust fund.

January 21
mp3 chicklet Capitol Connections 01.21.2015
This week, Rep. Jeff Welborn (D-Dillion) discusses House Bill 5, also known as Build Montana. Then, Rep. Jenny Eck (D-Helena) talks about two bills she's sponsoring seeking to revise the Board of Pardons and Parole.

January 14
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 01.14.2015
Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen and House Democratic Leader Chuck Hunter discuss the first week of the legislative session.

January 7
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 01.07.2015
Gov. Steve Bullock discusses his legislative priorities, and Montana's first female Senate President in 126 years—Sen. Debby Barrett (R-Dillon).

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