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Montana Legislature

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Legislative Fiscal Division

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Capitol Connections
coverage of the 2013 Montana Legislature

Wednesdays at 6:30pm
hosted and produced by Jackie Yamanaka

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MT CapitolCapitol Connections is a weekly update from the 63rd Montana Legislature, hosted and produced by YPR News Director Jackie Yamanaka.

Each week, legislators, elected officials, state officials, and others join Jackie to talk about key legislation and current issues before the Montana Legislature. Capitol Connections supplements Jackie's daily news coverage from the Capitol with additional depth, substance, and perspective through interviews and other audio from the floors of both houses, committee meetings, and anywhere else the business of the Legislature is conducted.

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Theme music for Capitol Connections uses a portion of the song "The Spock" by Alex Nauman Trio from the album Loud Lullabies

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Upcoming Programs

April 17
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 04.17.2013
Senate Finance and Claims Committee Chairman Rick Ripley (R-Wolf Creek) discusses the state budget process and House Speaker Pro Tem Austin Knudsen (R-Culbertson) talks about some of the bills aimed at helping oil and gas impacted communities.


Audio Archive

mp3 chickletYPR will maintain a complete archive of What's Happening in Helena, available as on-demand, streaming audio as MP3 files encoded at 96kbps.

April 10
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 04.10.2013
Jackie talks with Senate President Jeff Essman (R-Billings) and Senate Minority Leader Jon Sesso (D-Butte) about last week's blow-up on the Senate floor and what in store for the state's main budget bill, the state employee pay plan, pensions, and long-range building projects.

March 27
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 03.27.2013
Jackie talks with Governor Steve Bullock and Representative Chuck Hunter (D-Helena) about the Bullock Administration's Access Health proposal, House Bill 590, and what this proposal will mean for health care in Montana.

March 20
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 03.20.2013
Jackie welcomes Senator Dave Wanzenreid (D-Missoula), member of the Senate Finance and Claims Committee, for a discussion of the state's main budget bill (House Bill 2) and the budget process. Jackie also speaks with Senator Greg Jergeson (D-Chinook) about legislative decorum in the age of term limits. Senator Jergeson was first elected to that chamber in 1975.

March 13
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 03.13.2013
Get the latest on legislative efforts to fix the state pension systems, learn about a bill (House Bill 277) to revise term limits for state legislators, and hear about efforts being made to help Eastern Montana communities cope with the boom in natural resource development.

March 6
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 03.06.2013
Jackie welcomes House Appropriations Chairman Duane Ankney (R-Colstrip) to discuss House Bill 2, the state's main spending bill (additional link: MT Legislative Fiscal Division 2015 Biennium Budget Analysis). Jackie also speaks with Senator Christine Kaufmann (D-Helena) about Senate Bill 295, which would end the oil and gas tax holiday to provide money for communities impacted by the Bakken oil boom.

February 27
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 02.27.2013
This week, an update on Insure Montana, a health insurance program helping small busineses and their employees. Following that, Jackie speaks with House Minority Leader Chuck Hunter (D-Helena) about the first half of the 2013 session--and what to expect from the second.

February 20
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 02.20.2013
Jackie discusses Medicaid and Medicare with Dr. Jay Larson, a Helena internist, and Richard Opper, Director of the MT Department of Public Health and Human Services.

February 13
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 02.13.2013
Jackie speaks with Senator Bruce Tutvedt (R-Kalispell) about the role "dark money" played in a barrage of campaign ads against him. Jackie also welcomes Senator Llew Jones (R-Conrad) for a discussion of school funding and how Senate Bill 175 would fund schools with oil and gas money.

January 30
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 01.30.2013
Chairman of the Joint Select Committee on Pensions Senator Dave Lewis (R-Helena) talks about legislative efforts to address the shortfall facing state employee retirement system. Also, hear about the television and internet feed from the Montana Legislature From Stephen Maly, the special projects manager for HCTV and TVMT.

January 23
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 01.23.2013
This week, three members of the MT Legislature's Native American caucus discuss some of their agenda items for the 2013 session.

January 16
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 01.16.2013
This week, Speaker of the House Mark Blasdel (R-Somers) and Senate Minority Leader Jon Sesso (D-Butte) discuss the legislative priorities from the caucuses of their respective chambers.

January 9
mp3 chickletCapitol Connections 01.09.2013
This week, Governor Steve Bullock (D) and Senate President Jeff Essmann (R-Billings) talk about their legislative priorities.

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