What Is Classical YPR And How Do I Listen?

Apr 4, 2018

Classical YPR is our 24-hour classical music streaming service, available to our listeners through our website and our smartphone and tablet app. Through a nationally syndicated service called Classical 24, Classical YPR brings you some of the most beautiful music in the world.

Drawn from the heart of the Classical and Romantic repertoires, Classical YPR creates the perfect streaming companion for lovers of good music. Eleven hosts carefully craft each broadcast. Lively, engaging, and knowledgeable, they illuminate the music they present with well-researched insightful information, taking care that every program is accessible and stimulating for novices and aficionados alike.

Tune in Saturday mornings for two special programs within the Classical YPR format: on Saturday mornings at 9, hear Flicks in Five, a five-minute feature highlighting a film score. Host Lynne Warfel shares a bit of history around the film and the music. And immediately following that, the Saturday Cinema Hour features music heard in the movies, music written for the movies, and music with movie connections.

Listen now through our website at ypradio.org, or on the YPR app (available through the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching Yellowstone Public Radio).


Through our website at ypradio.org: Listening to Classical YPR on ypradio.org is easy. Once you're at ypradio.org, simply follow these two steps (works for PC, tablet, and smartphone, although the formatting might look slightly different based on the size of your screen).

STEP ONE: On the right side of the screen, you will see a down-facing chevron within the gray "Listen Live" audio player bar:

STEP TWO: Click the down-facing chevron, then click the play button next to Classical YPR. You're now listening to Classical YPR! You can always return to the main YPR broadcast by clicking on the play button next to whatever program is currently playing on YPR.

On the YPR app: Listening to Classical YPR is even easier on the YPR app! The app now features two channels, located directly below the menu button, logo, and donate button. You can go back and forth between our main broadcast and Classical YPR simply by touching the channel selector button of your choice. The channel you are listening to is indicated by a color channel selector button, while the other channel appears greyed out. 

BONUS APP CONTENT FOR CLASSICAL YPR: When listening to Classical YPR on the YPR app, you will be shown what is playing and additional information about the piece. There are also a few "extras" directly below that information.