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Tuesdays, 7pm

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Humankind presents riveting stories of everyday people who have found real purpose in life. Living by their principles—compassion, service, generosity, spirituality, equality and integrity—they make a profound difference in the quality of life in their communities. Hosted by award-winning producer David Freudberg, Humankind helps listeners examine some of humanity’s biggest questions and illuminates the lives of ordinary people who, by their example, can inspire us all.

July 7
SEGMENT 1: A conversation with Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneering medical researcher into the physical and emotional effects of stress, as well as the health benefits of "mindfulness", a technique that allows people to calm their thoughts.
SEGMENT 2: Ground-breaking research into "mindfulness" as a non-pharmacological technique to counteract anxiety, depression. pain and other conditions is reviewed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, best-selling author of "Coming to Our Senses."

July 14
SEGMENT 1: Of Americans who give to charity the average family donation is 2-3% per year. We examine how people arrive at the amount of their charitable giving, where the money goes, and what holds donors back from giving more.
SEGMENT 2: A best-selling theologian, a woman who founded a renowned soup kitchen serving the poor and elderly, and a scholar who has studied wealth and philanthropy explore the motivations and challenges of helping those in need.

July 21
SEGMENT 1: We hear a profile of LA-based filmmaker/composer Tucker Stilley, who has remained extraordinarily creative and funny, despite having to contend with the near-impossible obstacles imposed by ALS.
SEGMENT 2: Physician Andrew Weil describes healthy longevity in which older people come to accept the challenges and discover the rewards of aging, plus a look at Okinawa -- home to the highest percentage on earth of people who live to be 100.

July 28
SEGMENT 1: Author Eileen Flanagan discusses her powerful essay on the lessons about life that can be derived from parenting – patience, unconditional love, and how to handle “a child who decorated the white carpet with pink sidewalk chalk.”
SEGMENT 2: The story of one family, who suffered the sudden loss of a teenage son, and who now volunteers to support other bereaved parents. For the survivors, life is permanently changed, but goes on.

August 4
SEGMENT 1: While Capitol Hill may at times seem like the last place to find contemplative reflection, Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan has emerged as an advocate of daily periods of silence and meditation for personal growth and as a learning tool for schoolchildren.
SEGMENT 2: William Powers, author of "Hamlet’s Blackberry," describes the dilemma of being addicted to information technology, and how he and his family committed to regular time free of technological intrusions.

August 11
SEGMENT 1: Although climate change posing a daunting global threat, Tufts policy expert Bill Moomaw is encouraged by recent rapid progress in renewable energy, which is being adopted on a very large scale in nations from Germany to China.
SEGMENT 2: Van Jones, the inspiring founder of Oakland's Green for All, offers his vision of a "green collar economy" that would help to rescue not only our battered financial system but also the environment.

August 18
SEGMENT 1: George Mumford teaches top athletes the “superpowers” of mindfulness, concentration, insight, right effort and trust as techniques to strengthen performance and avoid the trap of spiritual demise.
SEGMENT 2: A successful Microsoft executive tells how he switched to nonprofit work promoting literacy in the developing world and founded Room to Read, after witnessing impoverished conditions while trekking in Nepal at age thirty-five.

August 25
SEGMENT 1: We hear the story of Dr. Rees Cosgrove, an American brain surgeon who has performed thousands of high-stakes operations and recently ventured to a hospital in Uganda, where surgeons bring a personal spirituality to health care.
SEGMENT 2: More than a decade after the historic creation of the UN’s International Criminal Court, we hear reflections of one of the court’s founders, Northwestern Univ. law professor David Scheffer, who reveals behind-the-scenes struggles.

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