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Riverwalk Jazz

Fridays, 2:06pm

Program Website:

Riverwalk Jazz LogoRiverwalk Jazz presents captivating shows that tell the story of jazz in America. The Jim Cullum Jazz Band’s music covers the genre’s early years—from turn-of-the-century blues and cakewalks, to the small swing ensembles of the 1920s and ‘30s. Hosts are the award-winning storyteller David Holt and bandleader Jim Cullum. Each weekly episode of Riverwalk Jazz presents music and narratives, spotlighting renowned artists such as Joe Williams, Lionel Hampton, Dick Hyman, Nicholas Payton, Nina Ferro and Carol Woods.

April 10
Django's Gypsy Swing with the Hot Club of San Francisco

The Jim Cullum Jazz Band and the Hot Club of San Francisco, featuring guitarist Paul Mehling, explore of the infectious music of Django Reinhardt. Today, more than 60 years after his death, the gypsy guitarist and composer continues to inspire musicians and music lovers.

April 17
Swinging at The Pearl: Catherine Russell, Dick Hyman, and the Jim Cullum Jazz Band

At San Antonio’s landmark Pearl Stable, the Jim Cullum Jazz Band welcomes piano legend Dick Hyman and vocalist Catherine Russell to their late-night jam session of hot jazz, swing, and the blues.

April 24
The Rise and Fall of Joe “King” Oliver

Joe “King” Oliver put the “hot” in hot jazz. Through his personal letters, read by stage legend William Warfield, the rise and fall of Oliver’s career comes to life. And cornetist Leon Oakley and tubist Mike Walbridge join the Jim Cullum Jazz Band to turn up the heat with a collection of 1920s classics.

May 1
The Great Innovator: Clarinetist Benny Goodman

Reed men Allan Vaché and Harry Allen, and vibists John Cocuzzi and Lionel Hampton join the Jim Cullum Jazz Band to celebrate a kid from Chicago who would change the face of American popular music: Benny Goodman, credited with transforming ’20s-style hot jazz into swing, and setting off a pop craze that spanned the Great Depression and World War II.

May 8
Hot Jazz Down Under: Gems from Aussie Jazzman Bob Barnard

The spotlight is on Australian cornetist Bob Barnard, longtime friend and “musical soul mate” of bandleader Jim Cullum. From hot jazz to ballads, these two music legends “trade fours” and swap stories about their lives in jazz.

May 15
Turk & Lu: West Coast Classic Jazz in Concert
A concert of West Coast classics in the style of cornetist Lu Watters and trombonist Turk Murphy. The Jim Cullum Jazz Band revisits The Dawn Club and Earthquake McGoon’s, San Francisco’s hotspots for the New Orleans jazz revival of the ’40s and ’50s.

May 22
Swinging on V-Disc: Jazz in WWII
A strike by the musicians’ union during World War II reduced new recordings by jazz artists. Troops overseas felt the pinch, and special releases called Victory Discs filled the need. The Jim Cullum Jazz Band and their guests tell the story of V-Discs and the musicians who made them.

May 29
Last-Call Late-Night Jam: Live From the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee Trumpeter John-Erik Kellso, drummer Hal Smith, trombone great Bill Allred, and the Jim Cullum Jazz Band keep the party going with a last-call, late-night jam from the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. Stand back. Things are going to heat up!

June 5
Deuce Ambience: Jazz Guitar with Marty Grosz and Howard Alden
The Jim Cullum Jazz Band welcomes Marty Grosz and Howard Alden to talk jazz guitar and the legendary players who made magic with the instrument. The guitar: portable, popular, and dazzling in the hands of musicians like Lonnie Johnson, Eddie Lang, Carl Kress, or Django Reinhardt.

June 12
Eddie Condon: Renaissance Man of Jazz
Maggie Condon joins the Jim Cullum Jazz Band and shares a wealth of stories about her famous father: Eddie Condon — guitarist, bandleader, writer, and wisecracker. Don’t miss the music and memories surrounding this remarkable musician, truly a Renaissance man of jazz.

June 19
Jazz Daddies: A Father's Day Celebration
In a celebration of Father’s Day, pianist Shelly Berg, guitarist John Pizzarelli, bandleader Jim Cullum — all sons of jazz daddies — share tender, humorous stories about their fathers. And they break out classic jazz tunes with The Jim Cullum Jazz Band.
June 16
Class of 1930: Surviving with a Song

In 1930, there was hardly anyone not plagued with money woes. Surviving with a song was a coping mechanism of the day. The Jim Cullum Jazz Band and friends perform Depression-era music from movies, theater, and radio — tunes that kept Americans entertained while they made do with less.

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