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Montana Counties, City On List Of Most Polluted Air

Wildfires in Montana have made the state a prominent feature in the American Lung Association’s 20th annual State of the Air report.

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Zonta Club of Billings

Domestic violence, legal rights of victims, homeless youth and missing and murdered indigenous women are real problems in our community. A group in Billings thinks a way to raise awareness and develop solutions is to talk openly about them.

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Wildfires in Montana have made the state a prominent feature in the American Lung Association’s 20th annual State of the Air report.


It is severe weather season in the Mountain West, when life and death can depend on speed and accuracy of emergency notifications.

Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Cameron (Cam) Sholly in his office at Mammoth Hot Springs, November 2018.
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The new superintendent of Yellowstone National Park says shuttles could be the key to easing congestion, though he doesn't think recent growth in visitor numbers will continue. Cam Sholly, who came to Yellowstone last October, adds the park can’t solve its bison management problems without better cooperation between the state of Montana and American Indian tribes.

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Montana is now compliant with federal drivers’ license rules, 14 years after they passed.

Starting October 1, 2020, Montanans flying between states will either need to present a REAL ID- compliant license or a passport.

Montana was one of the states to resist the REAL ID Act of 2005, which aimed to improve security in the years following 9/11.

Montana Motor Vehicle Division Administrator Sarah Garcia explains some of the hesitancy.

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The 2018 Farm Bill made it legal under the U.S. Department of Agriculture for farmers to produce hemp, but the federal agency has been slow to implement some aspects of the new law.

That’s an issue for potential hemp farmers in Montana who are trying to buy seeds from Canada.

The USDA doesn’t plan to approve state hemp plans, which license farmers to grow industrial hemp for agricultural purposes, until fall.

Kene Sperry

On the premiere episode of the fifth season of Field Days, we meet the Brown family of Amaltheia Organic Dairy in Belgrade.

The Chocolate Chirp Cookies are Cowboy Cricket Farms' largest income-producing product.
Rachel Cramer / Yellowstone Public Radio

From grain malting to cheese production, farmers and ranchers in Montana are finding new ways to add value to their raw products. And for one farm in Belgrade, that raw product chirps. Cowboy Cricket Farms is one of twenty operations that received a state grant earlier this year to scale up and break into new markets.

The U.S. Capitol building
Eric Whitney / Montana Public Radio

Montana’s Congressional delegates are drawing a range of conclusions from the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

KAMUT wheat plant
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Big Sandy farmer Bob Quinn was a child in the mid-1960s when a stranger at a county fair gave him a few kernels of an unusual grain that changed his life in ways he describes in his new book, Grain by Grain: A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs and Healthy Food. He wrote the book with Stanford University lecturer Liz Carlisle.

Yellowstone Public Radio’s Sarah Brown sat down with Quinn to talk about what modern farming of ancient grains means for the environment, the economy and the eater.


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