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The Many Uses Of Leeks And Potatoes

Potato-leek soup with bacon
Potato-leek soup with bacon

Type "leeks" and "potatoes" into an Internet search engine and thousands of recipes appear, mostly for soup. After all, what's simpler than cutting up leeks and potatoes, adding water and salt, and cooking till they're tender, then blending? When it comes to these complementary vegetables, Food Guys Jon Jackson and Greg Patent are thinking beyond soup.

First, how to use leeks: The white and pale green portion of the leek is the tender part. Make sure to wash it thoroughly. Save the dark green part for making soup stock.


Leek and potato casseroles: sauté the sliced white part of the leek, add to potatoes, and bake with other ingredients.

Scalloped potatoes can include leeks, which you sauté first. Alternate layers of raw potatoes and sautéed leeks. Season with salt, pepper, cream and milk and bake with a cheese garnish on top.

Don't overlook beans as a great source of protein and flavor in leek and potato dishes.

Try making calzone with leeks and potatoes, or pasties.

Cube the potatoes and fry them, slice leeks thinly and sauté them in butter. Combine with spinach and cheese in an omelette.

Combine leeks and potatoes with Polish sausage as a stew. There's no preliminary cooking needed, and to speed things up, you can use high-quality store-bought chicken stock.

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