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No, COVID-19 Is Not Saving The Environment; Athletes Speak Out

A recent article co-authored by Colorado State University professor Edward Barbier is titled “The COVID-19 pandemic is not a break for nature – let’s make sure there is one after the crisis.” He joins host Robin Young to discuss how land grabs, illegal mining and lack of funding are devastating natural environments around the globe. Also, as sports resume in some places, members of one high school baseball team in Iowa knelt during the National Anthem to support the protests against racial injustice. And on Wednesday, England’s Premier League players also kneeled. Sports analyst Mike Pesca weighs in. That and more, in hour one of  Here & Now‘s June 18, 2020, full broadcast. You can find more at  hereandnow.org — and follow us on  TwitterInstagram or join the conversation on  Facebook.

This article was originally published on WBUR.org.

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