Around 200 people filled up Inspiration Hall at Montana State University in Bozeman to hear a presentation by Physicist Rob Davies February 18, 2020.
Rachel Cramer / Yellowstone Public Radio

Guest Speaker, Panelists At MSU Discuss Climate Change And Solutions

A group of city, state and tribal representatives met this week in Bozeman to share ideas about how to address climate change in Montana. A guest speaker at the conference said Rocky Mountain states are going to see catastrophic changes on our current path.

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Havre Public Schools / Havre Public Schools

How Havre Public Schools Handled A Ransomware Attack

Elk standing in a field.
Walt Morgan / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Brucellosis Detected In Ruby Mountain Elk

State utility regulators have agreed with NorthWestern Energy’s request to block details on its new coal supply contract from becoming public — at least for the moment. This comes as Montana’s biggest utility moves to buy a larger share of the coal-fired power plant in Colstrip. 

Montana Boy Scout officials say local scouting programs will continue uninterrupted despite the Boy Scouts of America, or BSA, filing for bankruptcy protection.

BSA urges victims to come forward after the organization filed for bankruptcy protection this week; the first step toward dealing with a barrage of sexual abuse lawsuits.

Elk standing in a field.
Walt Morgan / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Several elk in southwestern Montana’s Ruby Mountains have been exposed to brucellosis. State officials say it’s the first time the disease has reached elk in the area.

Imitation 2020 census paperwork sent through the mail.
Montana Department of Commerce / Montana Department of Commerce

Montana Department of Commerce officials say the Republican National Committee sent imitation census paperwork to residents in Cascade County. Similar look-alike mailings appeared in Montana last fall.

The Environmental Protection Agency last week announced a final Superfund deal for Butte, detailing a roadmap they say will permanently clean up one of the most intractable Superfund sites in the country.

it's Tuesday, February 18th. Today we have stories about how Gallatin and Park counties are responding to an increase in calls to 911 related to mental health and substance misuse and Montana's newest plan to address climate change.

Imagine calling 911 for an ambulance and the dispatcher tells you there isn’t one available. That could soon be the case for many Glacier County residents. The county says its emergency medical services are close to folding amid the local government’s long standing financial woes.

State environmental regulators say a former wood treatment plant in Butte needs a new cleanup plan to make the toxic site safer for both people and groundwater.

It's Monday, February 17th. Today we have stories about an upcoming CPR training and the arrest of a man accused of threatening and intimidating Missoula public officials.

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When stepping from Montana Avenue into Veronika’s Pastry Shop, an embrace of buttery and caramel goodness welcomes you. Once inside the bakery you cannot help but feel owner and baker Veronika Baukema’s love and attention she’s mixed into creating her French, Eastern European and Russian pastries. The space is bright and cozy, and Baukema’s enthusiastic welcome only invites you to collect a treat.


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