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A 100-year-old Billings nonprofit that helps in-need families is expanding and moving into a new building that’s three times the size of its current facility. It’ll also be the site of a new food resource center for the eastern side of the state.

Jane McCracken with Billings Family Service lead a tour of the organization’s old building and thrift store in downtown Billings.

She walked through the food pantry in the back of the facility and pointed out a cart of groceries packed for a family of four.

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Authorities are handing out bottled water at Crow Agency in southeast Montana after water line breaks in an old tribal building left residents without clean water.

Multiple businesses have donated bottled water over the weekend, and authorities have provided port-a-potties.

Stell Passes of Crow Agency said her home has been without any water since Friday. She said she’s taken her kids to shower in Hardin and Billings, and she says her brother brought in water from Hardin.

She also said she’s been refilling the toilet water tank in her home.

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Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines met with Billings dentists Wednesday to highlight a bill he’s introduced to reform rules for health insurance companies.

Dr. Jake Taylor, who owns a small dental practice in Billings, thinks the bill could change the dynamic between insurance companies and patients.

“If insurance companies have to compete more and they don’t have quite the monopoly, it’ll force them to

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A former writer for "The Tonight Show" uses comedy to speak about suicide and depression. YPR sat down with Frank King to talk with him about his experiences.

Trigger Warning: Some people may find the content of this page disturbing.

Kayla Desroches:

You look like the pinnacle of what someone who wants to be a working comedian wants to be, but you've struggled with depression, suicidal ideation, so why does someone who seems to have success - why do they struggle?

Frank King:

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Three youth advocacy groups in Yellowstone County are pooling their resources.

Tumbleweed, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County, and the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch are in the first few months of a pilot program.

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New Year’s resolutions tend to be the butt of an ongoing joke, especially when the resolution is to get in shape. It’s often viewed as a short-lived aspiration specific to the month - or months - following New Year's. VH

Dec. 21, 2018 marks the first day of winter. To acknowledge the longest night of the year RiverStone Health will hold a candlelight vigil at the Yellowstone County Courthouse to remember the homeless who have died the past year.

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Governor Steve Bullock helped launch a new partnership to help the region’s primary care providers have access to psychiatrists who specialize in treating children and youth. 

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A funding campaign by the Billings Clinic Foundation for its psychiatry residency program got a big gift on Dec, 11, 2018.

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The number of babies in Montana who are exposed to drugs before they’re born is growing rapidly. The percentage tripled for moms on Medicaid between 2010 and 2016, from four to 12 percent.