Kayla Desroches

Kayla Desroches reports for Yellowstone Public Radio in Billings. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and stayed in the city for college, where she hosted a radio show that featured serialized dramas like the Shadow and Suspense. In her pathway to full employment, she interned at WNYC in New York City and KTOO in Juneau, Alaska. She then spent a few years on the island of Kodiak, Alaska, where she transitioned from reporter to news director before moving to Montana.

A train ships pieces of pipeline materials.
Nate Hegyi / Mountain West News Bureau

Attorneys for the Trump administration want a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit from Native American tribes trying to block the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to Nebraska.

Tom Keightley shows a pipe bomb on slideshow presentation
Kayla Desroches / Yellowstone Public Radio

A synagogue in Billings, Montana held an active shooter training this past weekend. It joins a growing number of businesses, places of worship and schools taking similar steps.

Katie Loveland speaks at Yellowstone Substance Abuse Connect Coalition
Kayla Desroches / Yellowstone Public Radio

A federally-funded group of substance abuse counselors, service providers and law enforcement in Yellowstone County met this week to work on a coordinated plan to tackle drug abuse in Billings and the surrounding area.

stethescope, pills, and notepad
wuestenigel / Flickr

Rural areas across the United States struggle to find and keep doctors. In Montana, rural residency programs aim to fix that problem by training new doctors away from city centers. Hospitals will be able to access federal funding for rural physician training starting in October.

Kayla Desroches / Yellowstone Public Radio

An association of oil and gas industry members from Montana met in Billings this week to talk about issues the industry is facing, like transporting crude oil.

Patty Whitford stands in front of the pond on her property just outside Sidney, Montana.
Kayla Desroches / Yellowstone Public Radio

Montana proposed regulations on Friday that outline what facilities need to do to dispose of radioactive waste while also monitoring for environmental side effects.

Front of Custer Schools
Kayla Desroches / Yellowstone Public Radio

 A small Montana school an hour northeast of Billings recently detected lead in a school faucet.

Rod Waddington / Flickr

Gun violence awareness groups in 5 Montana cities will participate in a wave of national rallies calling on the U.S. Senate to reform gun laws.

Billings, Montana
Ali Eminov / Flickr

The state government awarded Montana communities more than $275,000 for infrastructure planning.

U.S. Census Bureau Regional Director Cathy Lacy speaks at a podium
Nicky Ouellet / Yellowstone Public Radio

The United States Census Bureau is taking account of buildings in Montana. It’s part of the preparation to collect census data next year.