Kayla Desroches

Kayla Desroches reports for Yellowstone Public Radio in Billings. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and stayed in the city for college, where she hosted a radio show that featured serialized dramas like the Shadow and Suspense. In her pathway to full employment, she interned at WNYC in New York City and KTOO in Juneau, Alaska. She then spent a few years on the island of Kodiak, Alaska, where she transitioned from reporter to news director before moving to Montana.

Jacob Futhey

A short storm Sunday night caused lasting damage for some people in Billings.

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  Montana received almost $4 million in federal funds for addiction recovery and treatment this week.

CEO Julie Hauk at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Montana
Kayla Desroches / Yellowstone Public Radio

A medical center dedicated exclusively to injury rehabilitation opened in Billings this week. They say their facility is unique in the state.

ep_jhu / Yellowstone Public Radio

Thirty-nine state attorneys general Monday sent a letter to Congress seeking to remove federal barriers to opioid addiction treatment.

Seal for the U.S. department of energy

A study recently found that roughly three-quarters of new homes in Montana meet state energy codes meant to curb electricity bills and increase durability.

federal court house in Billings
Kayla Desroches / Yellowstone Public Radio News

A former Montana high school athletics trainer was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison on Tuesday for sexually abusing boys in Miles City. YPR News’ Kayla Desroches was in the federal courtroom during the sentencing hearing and shares her reporting with Nicky Ouellet.

Custer County High School
Kayla Desroches / Yellowstone Public Radio

Dozens of men have accused former Miles City athletic trainer James “Doc” Jensen of sexual abuse dating back to when they were student-athletes in high school.

Affected area in Billings
Courtesy of DEQ & EPA

State and federal officials say an 855-acre area in central and downtown Billings should be considered for Superfund status due to indoor air quality contamination.

Testing for the presence of harmful vapors at a site in St. Louis Park, MN.
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Officials are concerned that chemicals in the water are negatively affecting the air quality inside almost 50 homes and businesses in east and southeast Billings.

Senator Steve Daines
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A group of rabbis in Montana sent an open letter to Republican U.S. Sen. Steve Daines this week following his recent Tweet in support of Pres. Donald Trump.