Ken Siebert

Program Director

Ken Siebert began work at YPR in 1992 as a part-time, evening board operator. He was hired full time in 1994. Over the years, Ken has hosted, co-hosted, produced, and edited a number of ongoing local programs and special interview programs, including a decade as Marvin Granger's co-host on the call-in program Your Opinion, Please!

Ways to Connect

courtesy Danell Jones and Tim Lehman

On this episode of Resounds, Corby and Anna sit down with Billings authors Danell Jones and Tim Lehman to hear about their latest books. 

Sarah Brown

On this episode of Field Days, Stillwater County farmer Phil Davey, still in the middle of his harvest, makes planting decisions for the fall.

courtesy Pete Tolton and Stan Parker

The center to any good story is the people in it. A film being produced by Stan Parker and Peter Tolton, focuses on the father-son duo of Jim Markel, Sr., and Jim Markel, Jr., as they travel through Vietnam to re-visit the places Jim Sr. was stationed during the Vietnam War.

As filmmakers, Parker and Tolton believe in the power of story to spread empathy and understanding. By giving audiences the chance to step outside their lives for even a moment, film presents opportunities for fresh perspective, thoughtful reflection, and personal discovery.

Through screenings in the community and the conversation to follow, this film will enrich viewers with a stronger understanding of the veteran experience and encourage dialogue among families and friends. This is strengthening communities with art that matters.

Sarah Brown

On this episode of Field Days, Stillwater County farmer Phil Davey takes advantage of a break between crops to hang out with his little girl.

Sarah Brown

On this episode of Field Days, host Sarah Brown and her son ride along in the combine through Stillwater County farmer Phil Davey's thick winter wheat.  

Anna Paige

For nearly thirty years, Billings-based artist Gordon McConnell has created works derived from Western film stills and informed by his sustained study of the history of the American West and its representations in literature, art, film, and photography.

When the West Was Won: Recent Paintings by Gordon McConnell  is a new exhibition at the Northcutt Steele Gallery, on the campus of Montana State University Billings, which runs from September 5 to October 11.

Sarah Brown

On this episode of Field Days, Stillwater County farmer Phil Davey is on track for a bumper harvest. Now, where is he going to put everything?


courtesy Phil Davey

On this episode of Field Days. it's harvest time for Stillwater County farmer Phil Davey.  

Phil Davey

On this episode of Field Days, Stillwater County farmer Phil Davey ponders how new Chinese tariffs on U.S. goods have already dampened markets, just weeks before harvest.

Anna Paige

Creative people are always looking for the right venue to show or produce their work. Aaron Rosen, Sherri Cornett, and Jane Deschner may live in Billings, but their work is seen in galleries across the U.S.