Baker Cowbelle New American National Cattlewomen President

Mar 1, 2019

Cattle grazing in Custer County, MT
Credit USDA

The American National Cattlewomen call themselves a group with a passion for beef.  Also passionate about cattle and the work of ANCW is their newly elected president.

Wanda Pinnow, who runs a cow/calf operation, Brackett Butte Ranch, with her husband near Baker, MT, is also excited about the Cattlewomen’s new WIRED program, or Women In Ranching Education and Development. It is a two day symposium on the basics of livestock and the day-to-day operation of a ranch.

“You can visit with the vet,” Pinnow explained. “They will show how to take care of your cattle when they’re sick. You will have someone there who is a  feed nutritionist who will talk to you about mineral feed and how important it is to have mineral and salt in bovine’s  diet. And also you will see ways to set up your working corrals, your panels, your chute.”

Right now WIRED is in Texas, with programs in Oklahoma and Florida set for Apr. 2019. She wants to expand during her tenure.

ANCW 2019 President Wanda Pinnow
Credit American National Cattlewomen

And Pinnow is enthusiastic about expanding membership, especially the younger generations through the collegiate divisions, like the one at Montana State University, Bozeman.

“We want to gather all of the agricultural collegiate groups there are in the colleges in the United States,” said Pinnow. “And then inform them that we are here and what we are doing and that we will take it one step further than ag classes that they receive in college.”

This longtime Baker Cowbelle member emphasizes that one does not have to own cattle to be a member American National Cattlewomen, you just have to love the land and that comes naturally.