Capitol Connections: Pulse Crops And Data Farms

Apr 12, 2017

The stairway at the Capitol leading to the 3rd Floor.
Credit Jackie Yamanaka
Rep. Rob Cook (left) and Sen. Mark Blasdel (right)
Credit Legislative Services

Our guests discuss legislative efforts to make Montana an attractive site for two emerging industries. One helps agriculture, a traditional industry; the other is aimed at the burgeoning high-tech industry in the state.

Representative Rob Cook's, R-Conrad, bill would provide a tax incentive to process pulse crops. He says this crop has to potential to create a new income stream for Montana producers. His bill would encourage companies to locate plants to process and add value to this crop for primarily overseas export.

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Another emerging industry Montana lawmakers hope to tap into involves the burgeoning high-tech industry. Capitol Connections Contributor Chuck Johnson sits down with Senator Mark Blasdel to talk about large data or server centers that serve the global technology infrastructure. Montana is seeking to be the home to large “data farms,” to serve what’s commonly called “the cloud.”

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