'I Can't Be Bought': Gianforte On NRA Contributions, Bump Stocks

Oct 9, 2017

Montana’s lone congressman Greg Gianforte has clarified his stance on modifying weapons with so-called bump stocks.

A bump stock modification allows a semi-automatic rifle to mimic a machine gun, and it’s what shooter Steven Paddock used to kill 58 people and wound nearly 500 in Las Vegas on October 1st.

But last Thursday, Republican Gianforte said in a written statement "stricter laws against guns would not have prevented this.”

On Monday morning, the congressman clarified his stance.

"Automatic weapons are currently regulated," he says. "If these bump stocks turn semi-automatics into automatics, we ought to look at what appropriate rules ought to be in place.”     

The National Rifle Association has also called for additional regulations on bump stock modifications. Gianforte has received more than a quarter-million dollars from the powerful gun lobby, making him the fifth most NRA-funded member in the U.S. House.

When asked whether the NRA’s campaign contributions will influence his votes on gun control:

“I can’t be bought," he says. "You know, I’m my own person, I’m going to represent Montana.”

Montana’s two senators have said they are open to considering regulations on bump stocks.