Now Is The Time To Prepare For 2018 Wildfire Season

Jul 12, 2018

Credit BLM Montana/Dakotas Facebook

Fire season may seem far away thanks to a very rainy June

But now is the time to prepare for the fire season says Crystal Beckman, Fire information officer with the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

“We have this great green grasses of  early summer, it’s also a wonderful time to start thinking and preparing for wildfires before the grasses cure out and get brown and that fire risk increases,” Beckman said.

This is especially important for homeowners in rural and woodland settings. Clear away vegetation for 30 foot radius, cleaning debris and clutter from under porches and  decks and keeping  lawns mowed and watered.

And Beckman suggests homeowners look around their structure and clean out any leaves and pine needles and places were a fire could start

“Anywhere that embers can get into the cracks and crevices is important for the structure to be more defensible,” said Beckman.

Fire officials expect this year to be similar to last year, a wet winter and spring, followed by a severe fire season.