Pence Visit To Billings Rescheduled To Wednesday

Jul 18, 2018

Vice President Mike Pence during a visit to the Absaloka Mine on the Crow Indian Reservation in this YPR file photo from May 12, 2017.
Credit Jackie Yamanaka/YPR

Editors note:  this story was updated to reflect comments from Matt Rosendale that were emailed after this story was published.

Vice President Mike Pence rescheduled his visit to Billings, Montana.  He’s now to speak Wednesday, July 25, 2018, at the MetraPark Montana Pavilion’s large bay room.  Originally he was to scheduled for Tuesday.

The event is for the benefit of Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Matt Rosendale who is trying to unseat Democratic U.S. Senator Jon Tester, who is seeking a 3rd term.

The group bringing Pence to Montana is America First Policies, a group of former Trump advisors created to advance the President’s agenda.

According to the group’s website, this visit is billed as an opportunity to learn more about what the President’s tax cut means for individuals and families.

The bill passed last December in the Senate on a strictly 51-to-48 party-line vote. This includes a “no” vote by Montana Senator Jon Tester. 

The president and conservatives have jumped on that and are actively working to unseat 10 Democrats in states the president won in 2016. Trump carried Montana by 20 points that year.

Pence’s visit comes on the heels of the July 5th campaign rally by Trump in Great Falls and a June 22nd Billings visit by Donald Trump Jr., all on behalf of Rosendale.

“I’m absolutely honored to have the support of President Trump and now Vice President Mike Pence,” said Matt Rosendale in a statement that was emailed Wednesday night. “This is a tremendous opportunity to stand alongside VP Pence and talk about the positive impact the Trump tax cuts are having on Montanans, with bigger paychecks, bonuses, and more jobs.”

Luke Jackson, a spokesman for Tester’s campaign, said Rosendale has to keep bringing in outsiders “because he can’t stand on his own record.”

“His own record is as bad as it is crystal clear,” said Jackson. “He’s voted against Montana’s veterans over and over and he’s against expanding public access to public lands. That’s a record anyone running for office in Montana would be trying to hide.”

Doors for the Vice President’s visit July 25, 2018 open at 7:30 a.m. with the event scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m.