Pence's Montana Visit Costs Local Law Enforcement Estimated $39,500

Jun 20, 2019

Law enforcement spent an estimated $39,500 on Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Montana last week.

During the Vice President’s stay in Billings last Wednesday through Thursday, local law enforcement closed city streets and ran security for the vice-presidential motorcade.

Capt. Neil Lawrence with the Billings Police Department says BPD alone spent just over $26,000 from the general fund and overtime budget.

“We’re typically involved with most politicians that do visit, especially at the level such as the vice president,” he said.

The police department may have spent a little less money on the vice president’s visit last year, he said.

The police department worked alongside the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office, which spent $3,500. They said 2018’s visit was more expensive on their side due to dedicating more manpower and covering more venues.

Pence visited Yellowstone National Park following his stay in Billings.

Montana Highway Patrol spent an estimated $10,000 on the Billings and Yellowstone leg of the visit, according to Department of Justice Director of Communications, John Barnes. He said the agency won’t know the final number until the payroll period closes later this summer.

Last week’s visit was the third time Pence has been to Billings as vice president.

He flew in at the invitation of Republican U.S. Senator Steve Daines to discuss the meth epidemic in Montana. Daines is running for re-election in 2020.