Political Consultant Says Time To Take On Corporate Interests

Feb 21, 2018

Credit http://www.trippi.co/trippi/

National political consultant Joe Trippi believes the country has reached a tipping point and he thinks Montanans are looking for a U.S. Representative who will stand up to corporate interests.

"I think people everywhere are really becoming exhausted by how nothing seems to be getting done," he said. "But when the corporations want something done, bam, it gets done instantly."

Trippi is not necessarily well known outside of political circles even though he helped long-shot Democrat Doug Jones win Alabama’s Senate special election last December. 

It was around the time of that upset in a decidedly Red state, Trippi reached out to the John Heenan campaign, “I heard a little bit about him.”

Trippi said he heard that Heenan happened to be in Washington, D.C. and so requested that they meet.

“We had coffee,” recalled Trippi. “I talked to him about fighting corporate interests.”

Trippi said the Billings attorney already had a record of standing up to banks and helping everyday folks.

“We need more people in Washington that are going to prioritize every day families instead of the wealthy corporations and others who have run roughshod over Washington,” he said.

Trippi said that’s why he offered to work for the Heenan campaign, one of five Democrats seeking the party’s nomination to take on Freshman incumbent Republican Greg Gianforte.

Trippi said there is no one-size-fits-all method where the Alabama experience translates neatly to Montana other than he thinks the public now sees Washington D.C. as a more hostile, chaotic and divided place. He believed Montana voters will evaluate all candidates on whether they are going to add to that divisiveness or will roll up their sleeves to get things done.