Resounds: Cinnamon Spear, Bently Spang

Dec 11, 2017

Cinnamon Spear (left) and Bently Spang
Credit courtesy Cinnamon Spear and Bently Spang

On this episode of Resounds: Arts and Culture on the High Plains, hosts Anna Paige and Corby Skinner talk with two members of the Northern Cheyenne Nation. Both Cinnamon Spear and Bently Spang use a variety of media to tell powerful stories of their land and culture.

Cinnamon Spear is a writer and filmmaker whose art provides a true representation of her people and personal history. Currently, Cinnamon is studying fiction at the coveted Iowa Writer’s Workshop.

Bently Spang is a multi-disciplinary artist, curator, educator, and writer working in mixed-media sculptures, video, performance, and installation. His work lately has been focused on a performance piece titled Techno Pow Wow, as well as an installation work focused on digital technology and representations of war shirts titled Modern Warrior Series. Spang's installation Modern Warrior Series: War Shirt #6 – Waterways  was a 27 channel installation with 21 synchronized video screens and 6 digital still screens.