Snow Snuffs Remaining Fires In Yellowstone National Park

Oct 2, 2019

Snow and colder temperatures have snuffed out the last four wildfires burning in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone officials announced Wednesday the two largest wildfires of the season, the 217-acre Brimstone Fire and the 30-acre Pollux Fire, are out, as well as the Wyodaho and Wahb Fires, both of which were no bigger than an acre.

These four were the last of nine wildfires that burned in the park this year. All were lightning-caused except for the 4.5-acre North Entrance Fire, which started when a seasonal employee dropped a cigarette.

Current fire danger is considered low.

Smoke may be visible around the Northeast Entrance through October as wildland fire staff burn piles of woody debris. Staff and volunteers recently removed the dead plant material around buildings on Public Lands Day.

It’s part of an ongoing effort to make buildings more fire resistant ahead of next wildfire season.