What Are YPR's Streams, And How Do I Listen?

Apr 9, 2019


YPR is excited to announce YPR2: News and Talk, a new streaming channel bringing you a number of nationally syndicated news, talk, and entertainment programs not available on our main broadcast channel, and a few that we do air on the radio, but airing in different time slots. YPR2: News and Talk joins Classical YPR and Jazz YPR in our streaming lineup. Scroll down this page to learn how to access YPR's streaming channels.

Here's a look at what you can hear on YPR2: News and Talk:


12am – 3am        BBC World Service

3am – 5am          Morning Edition

5am – 7am          BBC World Service

7am – 8am          The Takeaway

8am – 10am        1A

10am – 12pm     Here and Now

12pm – 2pm       On Point

2pm – 4pm         All Things Considered   

4pm – 5pm         Fresh Air

5pm – 12am       BBC World Service


12am – 8am        BBC World Service

8am – 9am          Fresh Air Weekend

9am – 10am        BBC World Service

10am – 12pm     Weekend Edition Saturday

12pm – 1pm       It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

1pm – 2pm         Bullseye

2pm – 3pm         The Best of Car Talk

3pm – 4pm         Weekend All Things Considered

4pm – 6pm         Live From Here

6pm – 12am       BBC World Service


12am – 10am     BBC World Service

10am – 12pm     Weekend Edition Sunday

12pm – 3pm       BBC World Service

3pm – 4pm         Weekend All Things Considered

4pm – 5pm         Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

5pm – 6pm         Fresh Air Weekend

6pm – 12am       BBC World Service


Classical YPR is our 24-hour classical music streaming service, available to our listeners through our website and our smartphone and tablet app. Through a nationally syndicated service called Classical24, Classical YPR brings you some of the most beautiful music in the world.

Jazz YPR is our 24-hour jazz music streaming service. Through a nationally syndicated service called PubMedia Jazz, Jazz YPR features some of the all-time greatest artists, like Miles Davis, Billie Holiday and Dave Brubeck; as well as today’s top talents, like Wynton Marsalis, Diana Krall and Pat Metheny.

Listen now through our website at ypradio.org, or on the YPR app (available through the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching Yellowstone Public Radio).


Through our website at ypradio.org: Listening to Classical YPR or Jazz YPR on ypradio.org is easy. Once you're at ypradio.org, simply follow these two steps (works for PC, tablet, and smartphone, although the formatting might look slightly different based on the size of your screen).

STEP ONE: On the right side of the screen, you will see a down-facing chevron within the gray "Listen Live" audio player bar:

STEP TWO: Click the down-facing chevron, then click the play button next to Classical YPR or Jazz YPR. You're now listening to Classical YPR or Jazz YPR! You can always return to the main YPR broadcast by clicking on the play button next to whatever program is currently playing on YPR.

On the YPR app: Listening to YPR's streams are even easier on the YPR app! The app now features three channels, located directly below the menu button, logo, and donate button. You can go back and forth between our main broadcast, Classical YPR, and Jazz YPR simply by touching the channel selector button of your choice. The channel you are listening to is indicated by a color channel selector button, while the other channel appears greyed out. 

BONUS APP CONTENT FOR CLASSICAL YPR AND JAZZ YPR: When listening to Classical YPR or Jazz YPR on the YPR app, you will be shown what is playing and additional information about the piece. There are also a few "extras" directly below that information.