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Bozeman's pay-what-you-can restaurant and food truck see an increase in customers

Leah Smutko
Fork and Spoon Bozeman/ Human Resource Development Council
A picture of the Bozeman's pay-what-you-can restaurant, Fork and Spoon.

A pay-what-you-can restaurant in Bozeman is helping address food insecurity in the community.

Fork & Spoon served more than 25,000 thousand meals between July 2020 and June 2021. The restaurant and its food truck, the Mighty Spork, are both funded by the nonprofit Human Resource Development Council.

Jacqui Colt is the catering and special events coordinator for the Mighty Spork food truck. She says the programs have seen an increase in demand for the past couple of years.

“I think that the financial struggles that a lot of communities have been sort of triggered by the pandemic and this area is no exception to that," Colt said, "and perhaps even was hit harder than a lot of areas."

Funding streams for both the restaurant and food truck come from catering rentals, fundraising events and pay-what-you-can revenue.