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56 Counties: Garfield County

Briana Dolbear (left), Rex Phipps
courtesy Briana Dolbear and Rex Phipps
Briana Dolbear (left), Rex Phipps

Jordan, Montana, has the distinction of being the most isolated county seat in the US, being the furthest from any public transportation. Which may account for its strong sense of community. My guests this week have both seen this community support in dramatic ways. Rex Phipps is a rancher who is also the CEO of the Garfield County Bank, but he also serves as the Chairman of the Garfield County Fire Foundation. Briana Dolbear was born and raised on a ranch in Garfield County, and when her husband Owen Murnion was killed unloading a piece of equipment in 2015, leaving her with seven daughters under the age of 16. She experienced the support of small town community like few have.

Briana Dolbear is a farming/ranching mother with eight children. She is a born and raised Montanan. She’s spent most of her life in Garfield county.

Rex Phipps was born and raised in Garfield County. He and his wife now run a ranch just four miles from the one where he grew up. Rex also serves as CEO of the Garfield County Bank, Chairman of the Garfield County Fire Foundation, volunteer as an Advanced EMT and Director of Garfield County Ambulance Service. Phipps is also a volunteer wildland firefighter with Garfield County Rural Fire, and a volunteer with Garfield County Search and Rescue. Lastly, he serves on the advisory board for Garfield County Health Center.

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