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Resounds: Bryce Andrews

Bryce Andrews at the YPR studios
Anna Paige
Bryce Andrews at the YPR studios

Bryce Andrews is a Montana-based rancher, conservationist, and author whose unique set of experiences gives him uncommon insights into our universal relationship with the American West.

He is the author of three books including Down from the Mountain which won the Banff Mountain Book Competition and was a Montana Book Award Honor Title.

His first book, Badluck Way, won the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Award, the Reading the West Book Award for nonfiction, and the High Plains Book Award for both nonfiction and debut book.

Andrews newest book Holding Fire is a memoir of inheritance, history, and one gun's role in the violence that shaped the American West--and an interesting and unique call to forge a new way forward.

The son of a pacifist and conscientious objector, Bryce moved from Seattle to Montana to tend livestock and work the land as a cowboy. For a decade, he was happy. Yet, when Andrews inherited his grandfather's Smith & Wesson revolver, he felt the weight of the violence braided into his chosen life. So many white men who'd come before him had used firearms like this one against wildlife, wilderness, and the Indigenous peoples who had lived in these landscapes for millennia. Holding Fire chronicles his journey to forge a new path for himself, and to reshape one handgun into a tool for good work.

Corby Skinner is an independent marketing professional with an enormous capacity for assessing issues and creating positive, effective messages.
Anna Paige is a Montana-based journalist, poet and educator. She is originally from Wyoming and has lived in Billings for more than a decade, where she co-founded Young Poets, winner of the 2021 Library of Congress Award for Literacy.