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Resounds: Humanities Montana

Humanities Montana logo
Humanities Montana logo

Humanities Montana serves Montana communities through a variety of programs, grants, and partnerships that keep the humanities alive in the state, speaking to Montana’s diverse history, literature, and philosophy.

Jill Baker is the executive director of Humanities Montana. Settling into the post in 2023, Baker previously served as executive director for the Great Falls Library Foundation and helped coordinate successful education, outreach programs, and partnerships across the state for Planned Parenthood.

David Dietrich is the president of the Humanities Montana Board of Directors. He received his Juris Doctor from the University of Montana College of Law and has practiced law for 24 years. He is a fourth generation Montanan and lives with his wife, Jan, in Billings.

Jennifer Corning is the co-host of <i>Resounds: Arts and Culture on the High Plains</i>
Corby Skinner is an independent marketing professional with an enormous capacity for assessing issues and creating positive, effective messages.