Alexis Bonogofsky

One of the many billboards from the recent campaign.
Alexis Bonogofsky / EastofBillings

The Billings Chamber of Commerce has started to remove parts of its campaign that was criticized by a local blogger saying campaign language and imagery was tone-deaf and racist.

56 Counties: Chuck Tooley, Alexis Bonogofsky

Aug 5, 2019
courtesy Chuck Tooley and Alexis Bonogofsky

Yellowstone County is the largest county in the state of Montana by over 40,000 people. It's an interesting intersection of commerce and labor, business and agriculture, and probably most striking, rural and urban cultures. This week's guests on 56 Counties come from very different backgrounds, with Chuck Tooley being raised in Washington, DC, and Alexis Bonogofsky growing up on a farm right across the Yellowstone River from Billings. But they have both been heavily influenced by their connection to Montana in order to work hard at making Yellowstone County and Montana a better place.