The National Park Service is beginning to test public access in some of its parks across the country, and Yellowstone National Park will allow visitors to enter the park through its Wyoming gates beginning Monday, May 18. Glacier National Park remains closed, but both parks prepare to open access in Montana in the coming weeks.

Bullock Resists Spending Cuts; Republicans Try To Out-Trump The Competition

May 15, 2020

Gov. Bullock resists pressure to cut spending because of the economic fallout of the pandemic. Republican candidates sound familiar themes in their new campaign ads. Montana has a higher number of women running for office this year. And why some Democrats are thinking about voting for a Republican in the primary.

Listen now on Campaign Beat, with Sally Mauk, Rob Saldin and Holly Michels.

The state tribal-relations committee recently wrote a letter urging the public to respect the closure orders on reservations across Montana, which have been slower to reopen than elsewhere in the state. But science research continues to flourish on tribal lands, despite COVID-19-slowdowns and uncertainty.

This story is part of our series looking at the impact of the novel coronavirus on science in Montana.

Gyms of all kinds across Montana will have the option to reopen May 15 under guidance from Gov. Steve Bullock. Montana Public Radio’s Aaron Bolton found that some facilities don’t plan to open until a vaccine for the novel coronavirus is available. Others opened at the beginning of May. Bolton shares what he learned with Nicky Ouellet.

Employees at Billings’ Babcock Theater swap signage on May 8, a day after the governor announced movie theaters, gyms and museums can reopen May 15.
Nickt Ouellet / Yellowstone Public Radio

Movie theaters around Montana can reopen on May 15 but the chance to see a movie inside on a big screen is limited.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how massage therapists, nail techs, tattoo artists and barbers do their work. Hair salons and other personal care services are reopening for business, but under new guidelines from state and local officials.

MTPR's Edward O’Brien got a haircut this week and takes us along to show what’s changed at one Missoula barber shop.

Since COVID-19 shut down research deemed “non-essential” across the state, Some scientists are now bringing their work home with them.

This story is part of our series looking at the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on science in Montana.

Wyoming Coronavirus and COVID-19 News

May 14, 2020
The Wyoming state capitol building
Ken Kanouse/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Find the latest news about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 in Wyoming here. This post will be updated daily, with newer information at the top.

You can find information specific to Wyoming from the Wyoming Department of Health, as well as updates from the CDC and tips for preventing and dealing with COVID-19.

Scientists' spring and summer field seasons are being postponed, altered or cancelled completely in the face of COVID-19. Time sensitive research is the most vulnerable.

This story is another in our series looking at the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on scientific research efforts in Montana.

State Budget Director Tom Livers during a conference call May 13, 2020.
Montana Public Affairs Network / YouTube

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock today said the state’s finances are in a “historically strong position” heading further into the COVID-19 pandemic. State officials are still working with incomplete information about the pandemic’s economic impacts.