Danica Jamison

Three Children Work Togther On A Laptop
Lucelia Rebeiro (CC BY_SA 2.0) / Flickr

Child care is a critical part of Montana’s economic recovery from COVID-19 as more parents return to work. But some providers have closed permanently and others are struggling, adding to an already dire shortage. Recently released federal funding may only provide short term relief as the state faces a child care crisis.

This image from United Way Yellowstone's website shows the donations made, volunteer hours worked and books donated as of Apr. 13, 2020.
United Way of Yellowstone / United Way of Yellowstone

Helping Montanans impacted by the coronavirus outbreak has energized the private sector into creating emergency assistance funds for the needs of individuals and nonprofits in their communities. 

KidsLINK Coordinators LeAnne and Kaylee Grote stand in the room where they provide childcare before and after school at Meadowlark Elementary in Bozeman, Montana, November 21, 2019.
Rachel Cramer

Many parents in Montana are struggling to find affordable, high-quality care for their kids. Several providers in the Bozeman area are trying to fill that gap, including one that says it has a big economic impact on the region.