Hanna Harris

A woman uses chalk to write the words "No more missing women".words 'No more missing sisters' at Vancouvers Womens Memorial March
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Montana’s Department of Justice has been analyzing data on missing persons in the state and released its findings on May 5.

Hanna Harris holding her daughter.
MTV True Life Crime / MTV


The story of a Northern Cheyenne woman will be featured in two national pop-culture shows this week. The Dr. Oz Show and MTV are airing episodes about Hanna Harris, who went missing and was murdered in 2013.

Native advocates and the Blackfeet Nation late last week held what is being called the first-ever Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Tribunal in the U.S. The testimony from the families of missing and murdered Native people will be delivered to Congressional lawmakers in a push for policy change. Most family members focused on their frustrations with law enforcement.

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A bill to establish a missing persons specialist in Montana is advancing to the Senate after a week in limbo.

Kayla Desroches / YPR

A documentary that draws attention to violence against indigenous women will be screened in Billings next week.