Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

A group of boys read something on a desk together behind the words SOS Signs of Suicide Middle School Program.
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A recent report on suicide prevention by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services revealed that one in 10 Montana high school students and one in seven middle school students reported attempting suicide in the last year.

Jon Ebelt / Montana Deparment of Health and Human Services


Montana has been awarded a $10 million federal grant to improve the health outcomes for pregnant and postpartum women in rural Montana. 

State health officials recently finalized new rules and regulations for private youth therapeutic programs in the state. The programs were mostly self-regulated until this year when state lawmakers gave the Montana health department oversight.

The ophthalmoscope (left) and stethoscope (right) are some of the tools a physican uses when checking a patient's health.
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Montana healthcare professionals met this week to discuss how to support a person’s physical and mental health in the midst of reduced services.

water fountain
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The comment period on a proposal that would require all public schools in Montana to test faucets for lead ends Monday.

State agencies are warning of increasing "pea soup" looking algal blooms in Montana’s freshwater lakes and reservoirs.

The blue-green algae are usually suspended from or joined to floating mats in the water, and can produce toxins that damage the skin, liver and nerve cells.

Running Water Fountain
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The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services held a public hearing Thursday in Helena on a new rule that would require all public schools to test water fixtures for lead.

After years of waiting, the Southwest Montana Veterans Home broke ground today in Butte.