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Montana State University Billings is the first school in Montana and just the 24th in the nation to add women’s triathlon to its athletics department. It is the 16th varsity sport for the Division II school.

The Yellowjackets will likely begin their inaugural season fall 2019 with a pretty small roster, but Coach Kevin Bjerke is optimistic. 

Billings students wait for the Atomic Circus in Petro Theater on April 11.
Kay Erickson

It’s called the Atomic Circus, a multimedia chemistry show for kid’s kindergarten through 12th grade, to get them excited about science and higher education.

Photo by Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - © 2018 Imperial War Museum

It was a war that ended a century ago. The visual images of World War I-- the war to end all wars--are silent black-and-white film.

Thanks to digital technology, and the creativity and dedication of well-known Oscar winning director Peter Jackson, there is a color documentary of what life was like for the British soldiers on the front line.

Some of the memories of World War I veterans:

“I was 16 years old and my father allowed me to go... “

“I was just turn 17 at the time...”

“I was 16...”

“I was 15 years...”

University Relations, MSU Billings

MSU Billings Chancellor Dan Edelman says freedom of speech - and safety - are his concerns as the campus deals with unauthorized posters appearing on campus put up by a white nationalist group. 

Montana will be the target of a deliberate hacking campaign over the next two weeks and computer users are urged to be very vigilant. The publically announced effort zeroing in on   Montana has been declared for July 1 through July 15, 2018... State officials have determined the threat is legitimate and should be taken very seriously.

University Relations, MSU Billings

Four finalists were chosen in the search for the next chancellor of Montana State University-Billings.

Process Begins For The Next Chancellor At MSU Billings

Oct 3, 2017
Jackie Yamanaka

Opinions were split between those who wanted to retain interim Chancellor Ron Larsen and those who spoke in favor of launching a national search for the next head of Montana State University Billings.

Montana State University President Waded Cruzado hosted 2 forums Monday afternoon to hear from faculty, staff, administrators, students, and community members.

Montana State University-Billings

Enrollment at Montana State University Billings is up this fall and Interim Chancellor Ron Larsen is  pleased with the news.

University Relations, MSU Billings

The process is underway to find a new chancellor at Montana State University Billings.

The first step is a public forum to gather comments on what traits and experience people think the next chancellor should have.

Montana State University President Waded Cruzado oversees the Billings campus. She’s scheduled an open public forum in Billings to hear those remarks.

MSU Billings

Two Montana campuses will be allowed to have the public sample the wares from their brewing science and brewery operations programs, so long as the tasting rooms are off campus.

Flathead Valley Community College and Montana State University Billings are the two campuses with this program. But the Senate amended the bill to only recognize FVCC. Representative Don Jones, R-Billings, wanted MSU Billings to be recognized, as well.