Move the Needle

Anna Paige

Livingston-based artist Audrey Hall, in collaboration with Stapleton Gallery in Billings, has co-curated a melding of art and music for a new project that brought artists and songwriters together in an artful way. Ten original songs are being released on limited edition vinyl records that feature unique cover art created for each song by regional artists represented by Stapleton Gallery, including Hall, Kevin Red Star, Jennifer Eli French, Judd Thompson, and others. Artists were given leeway to create whatever they wanted from the song prompt provided by musicians from hometown hero Grant Jones to East Coast sensation Jeffrey Foucault.

The idea of bringing artists and musicians together has worked so well they’ve dubbed this release Move the Needle, Volume 1. On Resounds, we discuss the ideas of collaboration that this show brought about with Hall, Jessie Bridges, Paul Durham, and Jason Wickens.