A former chairman of the Blackfeet Nation has pleaded guilty to a federal wire fraud charge Wednesday. The former tribal leader faces up to 20 years in prison.

Two more cases of lung injuries associated with vaping products were confirmed in Montana Thursday. That brings the state’s total to 7 cases, including one death.

The state health department says both new cases involve people from Cascade County with a history of vaping. One of the individuals is in their teens and the other is in their 20s. An investigation continues into what specific products were used.

Through her gorgeous work of lyric autobiography, Raki Kopernik invites us into the lives of her Israeli parents and grandparents. She also weaves her own memories into the unfolding story of family and home, offering a critical perspective on history and ancestral trauma. This is a conversation about borders, scarcity, abundance, queer and immigrant identities, hunger, and falafel. 

Congratulations to Sarah Aronson, host of The Write Question on MTPR, for winning the 2018 New American Poetry Prize for her debut collection And Other Bodiless Powers.

You can hear some of Sarah's poetry during a reading featuring Sarah Aronson and Kelly Schirmann, Nov. 7 in Missoula. Sarah says she's also planning a Montana book tour.

Starting in 2020, Lewis and Clark County will no longer have partisan elections for leadership offices, an idea that voters from a different southwest Montana county are opposed to.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is offering a reward for information about four trophy mule deer bucks poached north of Hardin. 

Lewis and Clark County will no longer have partisan elections for leadership offices. 

Montana’s communal, agrarian Hutterite colonies are unfamiliar to many outsiders, but a first-of-its kind study shows the religious sect’s statewide economic impact can’t be ignored.

Hutterite communities pack an economic wallop, even in non-Hutterite sectors of Montana’s economy. That’s according to a study released Tuesday by researchers at the University of Montana and Montana State University.

A fourth Republican is entering Montana’s primary race for Secretary of State.

Bowen Greenwood, current clerk of the Montana Supreme Court, announced Tuesday he’s joining the 2020 race for the job of top election official.

A fourth Republican is entering Montana’s primary race for secretary of state.

An early-morning fire burned a commercial building and two homes in West Yellowstone. 

If you have a complaint about something you've heard on NPR, Elizabeth Jensen wants to hear from you. As NPR's public editor, Jensen is the liaison between listeners and the NPR newsroom. Prior to working for NPR, Jensen covered media for the New York Times, the L. A. Times and the Columbia Journalism Review. Jensen is in Missoula to talk about journalism ethics and transparency, and she sat down in our studios with Sally Mauk.