Sean Claffey, coordinator for the Southwest Montana Sagebrush Partnership, walks past curl-leaf mountain mahogany in the sagebrush steppe on land managed by the DNRC near Dillon, Montana, May 12, 2020.
Rachel Cramer/Yellowstone Public Radio


Sagebrush grasslands in southwest Montana have been disappearing for decades, putting ranchers and wildlife in jeopardy. A project is aiming to reverse this trend and engage a local workforce left in limbo by the novel coronavirus.

A helicopter bears down on a herd of pronhorn
Kit Fischer / National Wildlife Federation

Montana is home to the second biggest population of antelope in the country. But wildlife managers don’t know as much about them compared to other game like elk and deer. A new six-year project that uses helicopters and pickup truck laboratories aims to fill in the gaps and discover why some herds in the state are struggling.