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Stella Fong

At Tippet Rise, passion rendered music, erected life-sized sculptures, and created food. Chefs Nick Goldman and Wendi Reed of Wild Flower Kitchen cater with energy and gusto at the 10,260-acre art and music center in Fishtail, Montana. Amongst the musical notes and wide-open spaces, they feed world-renowned performers from afar, and guests arriving for chamber music recitals or tours of the vast sculpture park.

Today's air quality is, again, expected to be less-than-ideal. Buckle up for the long haul, because the smoke is probably going to be with us for quite some time.

Missoula City-County Air Quality Specialist Sarah Coefield's air quality updates are always a good read. Here are her projections for western Montana today:

Donations of hay are pouring in from around the region to help ranchers in eastern Montana impacted by wildfires. The challenge is getting those donations to individual ranchers.

Jana Hance in Circle, Montana is coordinating the donation efforts.

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The Lodgepole Complex Fire is nearly 100 percent contained, and now work is shifting to rehabilitate the impacted land.

The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation’s Mark Bostrum distributes money to impacted wildfire areas as the administrator of conservation and resource development.

A new report says that Medicaid expansion has saved Montana more than $30 million in its first 18 months.

"Medicaid expansion continues to be a stunning success for Montana," said Shiela Hogan, director of Montana's Department of Health and Human Services. "There's no denying this."

Bozeman Police Officer Kills Wife, Self

Jul 31, 2017

A Bozeman police officer killed his wife and himself at their home over the weekend.

Gallatin County officials on Monday identified the dead as 31-year-old Danielle Heninger and 40-year-old Zach Heninger. Zach Heninger, a 12-year veteran of the police force, was off duty.

Earlier this month, Iraq's prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, declared victory over Islamic State — or ISIS — in the city of Mosul after nine months of urban warfare. Almost one million people from Mosul have been displaced.

A brother and sister who fled that city and settled in Missoula four years ago are adapting to life as Americans. They’re making a living selling Iraqi flatbread in Montana, and marketing it to fit American tastes.

"These are no doubt difficult times."

That’s Sheila Hogan, the head of Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services Thursday. She was kicking off a hearing on a planned cut to how much the department will pay doctors, hospitals and other health workers who take care of people on Medicaid.

New Evacuation For Sunrise Fire Near Superior

Jul 31, 2017

The Mineral Country Sheriff issued a third evacuation order for areas around the Sunrise Fire late this morning. Residents were advised to immediately leave their homes.

It applies to residences in Quartz Creek. These homes now join an estimated 50 others in the Quartz Flats and Sunrise Creek areas, who were ordered to evacuate on Wednesday.

Nate Hegyi

Yellowstone National Park is taking action against up to a dozen employees after an investigation found some female workers were subjected to sexual harassment and other problems.

Superintendent Dan Wenk says some of the employees could be fired while others could receive suspensions or counseling.

“Tell me an organization that’s almost 1,000 employees and find me one that doesn’t have issues about work place issues, find me one,” said Wenk. “I don’t think you will. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t improve it.”