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Montana Gov. Steve Bullock says school districts won’t need to make up any in-person instructional time missed during the two-week statewide closure he ordered Sunday. Local school boards will, however, need to approve plans for remote learning and other services to maintain state funding if the closures are extended.

The Montana Office of Public Instruction is asking Gov. Steve Bullock and the federal government to waive requirements for standardized testing and instructional time. The request comes days into the governor’s two-week public school closure order in response to the novel coronavirus.

Montana driver’s licenses expiring in March, April and May of this year will have an extended 90-day renewal deadline. Gov. Steve Bullock announced Tuesday he would sign an executive order allowing for the extension.

A graph showing a comparison of many infections at once versus spread out over time.
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Several counties in Montana announced Monday they’re taking aggressive steps to reduce large gatherings to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. The orders come just a day before St. Patrick’s Day celebrations kick off across the state.

This story has been updated to include notifications from Cascade County at 8:30 P.M. 03/16/20.

Monitor in a hospital room.
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Montana Gov. Steve Bullock voiced concerns Monday about ensuring medical care providers have access to supplies in the face of rising national demand caused by the novel coronavirus.

Here's a roundup of coronavirus news breaking in Montana on Monday, Mar. 16:

Montana Governor Steve Bullock has ordered all public K-12 schools in the state to close for two weeks following additional in-state cases of the novel coronavirus. About half a dozen patients have tested presumptively positive for the illness.

In a press release Sunday afternoon, Bullock said the step was taken to slow the spread of the virus and that the task force he assembled earlier this month would continue meeting to determine next steps.

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The four people in Montana diagnosed with the COVID-19 illness caused by the novel coronavirus appear to have contracted it while outside of the state, according to state officials.

Gov. Steve Bullock held a press conference Saturday afternoon after announcing the first cases of the COVID-19 illness in Montana the night before. He also announced amendments to the state’s emergency declaration, extended lab testing and previewed new policies for state employees working under the COVID-19 threat.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock Thursday afternoon signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency over the novel coronavirus. While there are still no positive cases in the state, the governor says the order is necessary to prepare.

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The Trump Administration is redirecting funds originally set aside for the National Guard towards constructing a wall between the United States and Mexico.