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Counties Prepare For Mail-In Voting; COVID-19 Puts Spotlight On Bullock

Mar 27, 2020

Tonight on Campaign Beat: Primary election ballots are set to be mailed in six weeks. Members of Congress arguably have less influence than governors during the growing pandemic. Montana Republicans fess up to their effort to get Greens on the ballot. And Montana's secretary of state thinks this is "the perfect time for a crisis."

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Urban and rural hospitals in Montana are facing a severe financial crunch as they prepare for an uptick in patients with the COVID-19 illness. The economic stimulus plan approved by the U.S. Senate Wednesday night is expected to help.

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Update 10 A.M. 03/26/20: This story has been updated to reflect that Sen. Daines and Sen. Tester voted in favor of the CARES Act.

Both of Montana’s U.S. senators voted in favor of the third federal relief package that they say is aimed at supporting rural communities and small businesses hurting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After receiving pressure from congressional lawmakers, the Indian Health Service is providing some members of the U.S. Senate with redacted report on its response to a former doctor’s abuse patients in Montana and South Dakota. Released this week, the document details the failed oversight on former doctor Stanley Patrick Weber as he abused young Native-American boys.

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The Trump Administration is redirecting funds originally set aside for the National Guard towards constructing a wall between the United States and Mexico.

Montana Secretary of State

We now know what Montana’s primary ballots will look on June 2. Monday marked the final day for Montana candidates to file for office. 

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Montana’s U.S. Senators have signed onto a resolution honoring American firefighters who died on duty while serving in Australia. One of the honored men hailed from Great Falls.

Gov. Steve Bullock made a late entrance into Montana’s U.S. Senate race Monday. It’s a boost to Democrats’ efforts to gain ground and potentially win control of the Senate in the 2020 election.

Bullock launched his campaign after repeatedly saying he wasn't interested in the job.

Gov. Steve Bullock's anticipated about-face on a U.S. Senate run has upended the outlook for that race. The latest picks for lieutenant governor bring both balance and contrast. And we honor the outstanding legacy left by the late journalist John Kuglin.

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Montana’s U.S. Senators have signed onto a resolution in support of Minor League Baseball.