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Yellowstone National Park’s superintendent says the park is exploring how and when to reopen

yellowstone northeast entrance nps.jpg
Northeast Entrance Road is washed out near Soda Butte Picnic Area.

Almost all visitors have been evacuated from Yellowstone National Park due to historic flooding, but superintendent Cam Sholly said in a press conference this afternoon that the park is considering how it can reopen later this season.

“We will likely not reopen the road between Gardiner and Cooke City, looking at the damage,” Sholly said. “So that will likely stay closed for the rest of the season.”

Sholly says the park plans to reopen its South Loop once potentially damaged facilities including wastewater treatment have been cleared for use.

He said the park can attract about 1 million visitors a month during the summer season.

“Half the park cannot support all the visitation,” Sholly said. “So we are exploring a range of options including some timed entry, potential reservation-type systems that we would look to implement when the South Loop is safe to open.”

The park will start assessing damage to the South Loop once flooding has subsided.

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Kathleen Shannon