Fire Victims Receive Hay Donations, Still Need Haulers

Aug 3, 2017


Donations of hay are pouring in from around the region to help ranchers in eastern Montana impacted by wildfires. The challenge is getting those donations to individual ranchers.

Jana Hance in Circle, Montana is coordinating the donation efforts.

“I have several loads of hay over in the western side of Montana looking for truckers to volunteer at least their time and fuel, depending on their situation,” says Hance. “Whatever they can give us is helpful.”

Hance has donations of up to 50 round bales of hay at different locations ready to be hauled if she can find volunteer truckers willing to take them directly to the wildfire affected ranchers.

“Sometimes this entails anywhere from a mile to 25 miles off the highway,” Hance says. “I’m trying to coordinate with the truckers who are willing to go there, and some are not, and I understand that.”

Hance, who works at Red Water Valley Bank in Circle, will also accept cash donations from those who want to help offset the cost of fuel.