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Resounds: Arts And Culture On The High Plains
Every Second and Fourth Monday At 6:30 PM

Resounds: Arts and Culture on the High Plains features interviews with individuals and organizations creating art in its myriad forms throughout our listening area. Hosts Anna Paige and Corby Skinner bring listeners access to the creators who live in our communities and who tell our stories through their art.

  • Courtney Blazon is an artist and illustrator living and working in Missoula. She draws intricate narratives that are layered with symbolism and meaning—in particular, issues surrounding women and the complexities of women’s lives throughout history.
  • Megan Karls performs as Co-Concertmaster of the Great Falls Symphony, Associate Concertmaster of the Billings Symphony, and violinist with the Cascade String Quartet.
  • Jesse Albrecht grew up in a small Wisconsin town, and at age 19, he joined the National Guard, following in the footsteps of his relatives who served in the military at Tarawa, Pearl Harbor, New Guinea and Vietnam.During this time, Albrecht also studied ceramics at the University of Wisconsin. He then pursued an MFA in ceramics at the University of Iowa, where he transferred National Guard units and was re-classed as a combat medic. Halfway through the MFA program, Jesse was deployed to Iraq following the September 11 attacks on the U.S.
  • Sean Chandler, artist and member of the Aaniiih Nation, grew up in Glendive and now resides on Fort Belknap Agency in Harlem, where he's president at Aaniiih Nakoda College. In his painted works, Chandler unfolds stories of growing up in Eastern Montana, and the stories of his family and the Aaniiih people.
  • Best known for drawings, conceptual pieces, collages, interactive sculptures, and assemblages, Stephen Glueckert is often inspired by folk art. His work championing issues of social justice, art history, and cultural values while subtly commenting on various social ills and human behaviors.
  • Jessica Kay Ruhle loves art and loves sharing it with people. She joined the Yellowstone Art Museum (YAM) as Executive Director in 2022. At the YAM, she directs an active program of exhibitions, public programs, and community events and festivals.
  • Volume 3 of the I Am Montana: Student Reflections on Identity and Place, a poetry anthology, was published recently. We asked Billings Career Center teacher Wanda Morales, and student poets Hannah Usher, Nolan Leonard, and Karmen Joki into the studio to discuss the process of creative writing and creating a poetry anthology. Each of the students also read some of the work.
  • Livingston resident Tom Murphy is a talented naturalist and photographer who has traveled the United States presenting the wonders of nature captured in photographic slide shows.His latest book, Birds: Masters of the Air, Land & Water, published by Crystal Creek Press in Livingston, features decades of Tom’s photography of birds from around the world.
  • Josh Quick is the author of Montana Quick Facts, released in 2019, and Yellowstone Quick Facts, released in 2021. His books are collections of lesser-known truths of Montana and one-sentence tidbits about the nation’s first National Park, paired with Quick’s whimsical illustrations.
  • Kenneth Jarecke is a world-renowned photojournalist based in Joliet, Montana. His work has taken him to over 80 countries and nine Olympic games. He is the creator and editor-in-chief of The Curious Society, a nonprofit created for showcasing the work of photojournalists and documentary photography, based out of Montana.Carol Guzy is a former staff photographer for The Washington Post who has received the Pulitzer Prize four times for her work. Her career spans more than three decades and has taken her across the globe, documenting the human spirit across humanitarian crisis, war, famine and natural disasters, political upheavals, and most recently, a dive into nature photography.