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Shared State is a podcast about our current political moment and the complex people and beliefs that shape Montana. Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts, and catch Season 2 on Yellowstone Public Radio Tuesday nights at 6:30 beginning March 15.

Coming Soon: Shared State

A podcast about what’s driving Montana’s 2020 elections and where the outcomes could lead us

If you’ve turned on the TV in Montana recently, you’ve probably been bombarded with advertisements propping up—or tearing down—candidates for political office. Each contender claims they’re the best choice to uphold “Montana values.”

But what does that mean? Who is that promise for? And how do those unspoken values shape Montana’s politics?

In the new podcast “Shared State,” Montana Free Press, Montana Public Radio and Yellowstone Public Radio will bring listeners along for a deeper look at the most important issues on the ballot. The nine-episode series debuts Sept. 8, 2020 and will culminate just before Election Day.

“In this ambitious collaborative podcast we’re asking: What values are shaping Montana’s election? And what—if anything—do they really mean?” says Montana Free Press editor-in-chief John Adams.

From exploring the meaning of “real Montanan” to voter access, public lands and rugged individualism, each episode bridges history, politics and the daily reality of Montanans as we approach a landmark election.

“By digging into the idea of Montana values, we're able to see more clearly the pressing issues facing voters this November, and where we might be headed from here," says “Shared State” editor Nick Mott of Montana Public Radio.

Shared State is hosted by Sarah Aronson, of Montana Public Radio’s “The Write Question,” and is collaboratively reported and produced by the state’s leading independent nonprofit newsrooms.

“This format lets us feature the collective talent of our three newsrooms and tell political stories in a way that engages the electorate,” said “Shared State” producer Mara Silvers. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring this work to our audiences.”

Listeners can find “Shared State” at the websites of Montana Public Radio, Yellowstone Public Radio and Montana Free Press, and subscribe wherever podcasts are found.


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