Day Sponsorship

Become a Yellowstone Public Radio Day Sponsor. Choose any day of the year to celebrate or honor a friend, a birthday, an anniversary, or just about any special occasion.

Day Sponsorships are $150 each. Day Sponsorship messages may be up to 15 seconds in length. Your message will be on the air five (5) times throughout the day of your choice to reach a broad audience.

Here are some examples: 

Support for Yellowstone Public Radio programming comes from Day Sponsors Jill Rouse and Rachel Peters, wishing their dad Ron Peters in Big Timber a very happy birthday. 

Support for Yellowstone Public Radio programming is provided by Day Sponsor Elsie Reed, whose brother Matthew just graduated from law school. Congratulations, Matt, your hard work paid off and your family is proud of you.

Support for Yellowstone Public Radio is made possible in part by Day Sponsors Sandra and Julien Brown, two public radio fans celebrating 35 years of marriage today.

Support for Yellowstone Public Radio is provided in part by the Johnson family, in loving memory of mother, wife, teacher, and friend Pamela Johnson. 

Here are some guidelines we follow:

Day Sponsorships must maintain the spirit of the non-commercial nature of public radio.

  • They cannot be used as a means to further a political or social cause, nor can they be used to endorse a candidate for public office. 
  • Names of persons running for political office may not be announced.
  • Day Sponsorships are not designed to be forums, advocacy platforms, or statements of beliefs for issues, concerns, lifestyles, political positions, religions, etc... We reserve the right to refuse any announcements determined to have an adverse or deleterious effect on YPR, our listeners, or financial support.
  • Day Sponsor messages for businesses must meet all guidelines for corporate underwriting as defined by the FCC and YPR.

Yellowstone Public Radio reserves the right to decline announcements determined to not be in the best interests of our public radio mission, our communities, and our listeners.

To get more information or to become a Day Sponsor contact Maddie at or by phone at 406-657-2979.