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Fish, Wildlife and Parks Investigates Another Poaching Case

A dead trophy mule deer
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
In this photo, a trophy mule deer was found poached on private land north of Hardin on October 24.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is investigating another poaching case, this one in the Missoula area.

While it may seem there has been an uptick in poaching cases this year, FWP says poaching is being better reported and technology has been the key. 

FWP Warden Bob Gibson credits cell phones and other techy devices with prompt, accurate reporting.

"Almost everybody is now carrying a cellphone into the field with a camera and GPS. And now when they see a crime being committed they can report an exact location, right while it’s happening, take a picture and all of those things and send it into our 1-800-TIP-MONT reporting line," Gibson said. 

Gibson also says some particularly egregious cases have gotten more attention by people who may not usually pay attention to poaching stories. And reward amounts are being increased by donations from hunting clubs and conservation organizations.

The most recent reported case happened earlier this week in the Upper Rock Creek area east of Missoula. A whitetail buck was likely shot sometime early on Tuesday. Only the antlers were taken and the rest was left to waste.

Anyone with information on this or any poaching incident is encouraged to call 1-800-TIP-MONT. Caller can remain anonymous and may be eligible to a reward of up to $1,000.