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Another case of avian flu confirmed in Montana


Veterinarians with the Montana Department of Livestock are reinstating recommendations to house birds indoors after a case of avian flu was confirmed in Teton County earlier this month.

The domestic flock where the virus was detected is being culled to prevent the virus from spreading. Department of Livestock officials will be surveying and sampling poultry flocks within a 6-mile radius to look for sick or dead birds. This is the 11th flock infected by the virus in Montana this year.

The virus is transmitted to domestic birds from migratory waterfowl, and spread rapidly during last spring’s migration. The U.S. Department of Agriculture expected to see an increase in cases with the start of fall migration. Montana is one of nine states this month to confirm infections in domestic poultry.

Infected birds can appear lethargic, but the most obvious sign is the sudden death of several birds in a flock. There is low risk of transmission between birds and humans.