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Constituents Confront Senator Daines, Demand Town Hall

(Flickr/NASA HQ PHOTO) (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
(Flickr/NASA HQ PHOTO) (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Matt Powell-Palm was notified the Senator was going to arrive in Bozeman last Friday afternoon on Facebook through a group called The Gallatin Progressive Action Network.

He wanted face to face time with Senator Daines, something he says the Senator has not given his Montanan constituents enough of lately.

A self-identified "part-time activist," and full-time mechanical engineer, Powell-Palm enjoys being part of the democratic process. So when somebody posted in the Facebook group that they were on a flight from Minneapolis to Bozeman with Senator Steve Daines and Seantor Jon Tester, Powell-Palmer noticed and acted quickly.

YPR’s requests to whether or not Senator Daines may have time for a Town Hall, or if there is one planned for constituents in Montana soon, were met with the following e-mail statement from a spokesperson:

“During the 114th Congress, Steve visited all of Montana’s 56 counties and started over again in the new year. He holds regular teletownhalls, constituent coffees and take tours of businesses throughout Montana and you will see Steve continue to remain active throughout the Treasure State.”

Powell-Palm is looking forward to knowing when he will be able to talk to Senator Daines soon. He’s frustrated that, in contrast, Senator Jon Tester met Montanan constituents at the Bozeman Public Library after deboarding his flight last Friday.

Senator Tester has an online Town Hall scheduled this Wednesday.