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Capitol Connections: Update On The State Budget, Suicide Prevention

Jackie Yamanaka

The 65th Legislative Assembly is heading into its final weeks and the pace is picking up.

On this week’s program: the budget and suicide prevention

Capitol Connections Contributor Chuck Johnson sat down with the chair of the Senate Finance and Claims Committee to talk about the Senate’s day-long floor session Monday tweeking the state budget, House Bill 2, which has already been approved in the House.

Credit Legislative Services
Rep. Ken Holmlund (L) and Sen. Llew Jones (R)

Representative Ken Holmlund of Miles City discusses the issue of suicide.  He lost his 17-year old son to suicide in 1989.  Holmlund has been talking about this issue to end the stigma in hopes of prevention. 

There have been several bills introduced in the 2017 session aimed at prevention, however Holmlund would like to tackle this issue without legislation or state dollars and he wants your input.

It's called OPENN:

  • O - Observe 
  • P - Protect
  • E - Engage
  • N - Nurture
  • N - Notify

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