Gov. Bullock Endorses Lt. Gov. Cooney In Gubernatorial Race

Oct 25, 2019

Gov. Steve Bullock is taking sides in the Democratic party’s 2020 primary race for governor. In a press conference Friday Bullock endorsed his current lieutenant governor for the job.

Bullock is term-limited and leaves office after the 2020 election. He’s backing Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney to take his place as Montana’s top executive.

"I’m excited to stand here today and endorse Mike Cooney for governor."

According to campaign finance disclosure reports, Bullock has donated $150 to Cooney’s campaign.

The Democratic primary for governor includes House Minority Leader Casey Schreiner, former state Rep. Reilly Neill, Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney, and the most recent contender to enter the race, businesswoman, Whitney Williams.

Bullock said Friday he doesn't have plans to endorse candidates in any other 2020 races in Montana.

Bullock is currently running for the Democratic party nomination for president, but has failed to exceed one percent in most national polls.

Bullock has repeatedly pushed back against calls within his own party for him to run for the U.S. Senate in 2020 against incumbent Republican Steve Daines. Bullock said again Friday that he’s ruled that out.

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